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In 1999 the Oviedo City Council gave the building known as "La Casina" (which means "The Little House") to the Jewish Community of Asturias. This building provides a Jewish cultural center dedicated to the study, dissemination and promotion of Jewish culture in all its aspects.

We often see the disaster that leads to intolerance and xenophobia, times when we speak of ethnic cleansing. We are witnessing scenes that we thought forgotten and relegated to the darkest pages of history. So it is essential not to talk just about tolerance, but we need a genuine exercise in integration and equality.

Oviedo is a good place for it, a city open to the world, with a great cultural tradition, a city where nobody is a foreigner. Therefore, the Oviedo City Council has given this house to the Jewish Community of the Principality of Asturias in the emblematic and traditional arcaded square of "El Fontán".

We defend and encourage the egalitarian participation of men and women of all races and nationalities, regardless of their sexual orientation. Delighted to receive guests, we welcome all those who visit Asturias --or its surrounding areas-- and find themselves wishing to learn more about Judaism and our culture. Jews of any denomination are very welcome to participate, as well as people of different faiths or religious backgrounds, who wish to learn more about egalitarian and pluralist Judaism.

The Jewish Community of Asturias is a meeting place that gives us insight into an enriching mutual understanding.