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On Adar I, 5774 (February 21st 2014), our kehilla officially approved the start-up of its very own Youth Group. This event came to culminate the longings of the small body of youngsters within the community, who had, for quite a while, been dreaming of being provided with their "own" place inside the "Casina" (headquarters of the Jewish Community in Asturias). A place to meet with one another, a place where initiatives and ideas geared towards growth, learning, friendship and solidarity could be developed.

The younger ones in the kehilla have, therefore, a lot to celebrate. Currently we have been granted our own space in the attic of the building which houses the synagogue. "Our" attic is a wide room, calm, pretty, and full of books. We are convinced that within its walls we will be inspired to put into practice all the activities we want to develop.

For now, we have already begun. As —if you will— an "opening act", we have decorated and distributed, among members of the congregation, tins in which the funds necessary to plant trees in Israel will be collected. We have also, as part of our Tikun project, prepared some containers in which to store plastic caps, in order to collaborate with a campaign that aims to help children suffering from cancer. We still have plenty of ideas and enthusiasm left: the management of the library's book-lending service, film discussion sessions, taking care of everything relative to the oneg once a month, helping out at the local soup kitchen, collecting food, organizing teenage workshops oriented towards the erradication of bullying... And, as all cannot exclusively consist of hard work, we also plan to be going out on a few cultural escapades together.

Los Del Ático (Aliat Gag/עליית גג), the group's official name (which translates to "Those In/From the Attic"), are very excited, as are the rest of our kehilla's members, who have decided, unanimously, to support us.

You will find us in the attic! Welcome!!