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We are an organized Jewish Community in Oviedo, where at least 120 and 130 Jews live in the area. The city of Oviedo is part of the Jewish Quarter Network in Spain. The community was established on June 29, 1972 and maintained its activity in private homes, given the dispersal of its members and the lack of economic resources to deal with the rent. Under the initiative of the Mayor Sc. Gabino de Lorenzo Ferrara a small building located in the heart of the old quarter was provided; known as "La Casina del Fontán" (Little House of Fontan), to the Jewish Community of Asturias. The motivation that led the Mayor to this act of generosity was a desire to "return" a symbolic part of the assets plundered in the expulsion ordered by the Catholic kings over 500 years ago.

This building provides a Jewish Cultural Center dedicated to the study, dissemination and promotion of the Jewish culture in all its aspects. Since its inauguration, given by the Mayor of Oviedo, Mr Gabino de Lorenzo Ferrara with collaboration from the then Israeli Ambassador to Spain, Mr Ehud Gold, started the activity of the Community with religious and festive activities. We meet every Friday afternoon for the study of the Torah and we honor and welcome Sabbath by lighting candles, we have Shacharit services on Saturday morning and observe all the religious holidays. Domestic cultural activities (film series, Jewish Film Festival, library services, Mini-Museum, etc) are also conducted, some of which are in collaboration with the City of Oviedo.

Beit Emunah, The Jewish Community of Asturias is committed to disseminating knowledge of the Holocaust through lectures, exhibitions, and sponsorship of the website to honor and sustain the memory of the victims. Teaching different units and topics, supported by the Spanish Department of Education at Yad Vashem. Presentations on anti-Semitism, Judaism and customs, Jewish culture, and so on are also provided in local schools.

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